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October 01, 2006

Friesian horses in fantasy costumes

Posted in: Horses for the horse crazy

Friesian Costume classes are new to me, I guess I’ve been out of the horse show loop too long! Hubby and I were both pretty excited to watch one at Deerfield Fair Horse Show (New Hampshire) on September 30.

I don’t know about Friesian Costume (I know a bit more about Arabian Native Costume,) but I’m sharing here some of the photos I took of these elegant black Friesians and their fantasy-costumed riders. They showed at the walk and their trademark high-stepping trot (those pictured galloping were taking their victory lap.)

Thanks to Michelle who sends these class results (see Comments) and identified these folks! Per Michelle, the costume class is judged on costume and also on behavior of the horse. Of course the more elaborate the costume and the flashier the horse, the higher it will pin.

If any reader wants to share their own pictures or remarks, we’ll all be grateful!!! Email pics as attachments to connie@PortraitsWithHorses.com To comment, just click Comments at the end of the pictures and add your own remarks. Don’t miss FRIESIAN LINKS below these Friesian costume pictures!


Friesian Costume Class Blue Ribbon, Denise McCabe, on Harem (owned by Vanguard Friesians, Chester NH)– Deerfield Fair NH Horse Show, Sept. 30, 2006


Beaming face of the lovely winner Denise McCabe, Friesian Costume Horse Show Class at Deerfield Fair NH Horse Show, Sept. 30, 2006.
TOP THREE COSTUMES and also sixth place were creations of A.J. Silva from Vanguard Friesians, designer and owner of Chantilly Lace bridal shop in Lowell, MA (with Gene Sweeney.)


Taking Second in Friesian Costume, this Gladiator outfit was popular with the crowd! The rider is Gene Sweeney on Vietse; Eugene is owner of Vanguard Friesians


In fantasy Friesian unicorn costume, Shelly Crawford on Hidde (Vanguard) took third placing…


Fourth place bridal Friesian costume, Jen Capone on Lucas O.– owned by Pam Moriarty


Charmaine Delisle rider/owner on Frans– Fifth place Friesian Costume in royal green and purple


Sixth place Ethel Nye, rider/owner on Meinsje


Lindsey Todt on Harry fan e’Aldedyk, owned by Michelle Loulakis– passing the admiring crowd. 15 yr.old Lindsey made her own costume, and Harry is only four, in his first costume class!


Lindsey Todt again… Elegance portrayed in costumes is befitting the showy Friesian!


Kayla Rolfe on Berend, owned by Sharon White


Allison Chabot, rider/owner on Valimar




Class lineup at end of Deerfield NH Horse Show Friesian Costume Class

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