Dog Safety: play-dates, snakes, and shock collars

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5 Ways to Avoid Disaster During Your Dog’s Next Playdate
Informative Dogster.com article…

The Potential Benefits of Shock Collars
This Care2.com article deals with protecting dogs from rattlesnakes… read that to include other possible dangerous critters such as porcupines, skunks, bees, bears (?) etc.

My take on shock collars–
Peaches enjoys a huge area of free run, including horse pastures, thanks to our invisible dog fence. IMO, being trained by a shock collar (humanely, sound signal warning plus intermittent-pulse shock) is far more beneficial to a dog than being run over by a car. The invisible dog fence is the greatest invention since sliced bread, if you want your dog to have freedom to exercise WITHIN BOUNDARIES and do not have a securely-fenced area.

I have seen dogs who had a short attention span be effectively trained to pay attention to master– and thus be kept out of trouble– through (humane and judicious) use of hand-held shock controllers. Both our English setters, who are fast-running dogs, learned safer behavior from shock collars.

In pretty much all cases, the judgment of the human handler is better than the dog’s, where the dog’s safety is concerned.

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