Why use a computer?

Art emanates from the imaginative eye and creative thought processes of the mind, regardless of what tools are used to put the art into a state where it can be experienced by others. Fine art tools in digital form are simply another means to an end.

One most interesting parallel between virtual painting and hand-applied media is the opportunity for what I call happy accidents. These are the unexpected and wonderful things which occur that make each artwork visually rich and unique from all others. The artist spends much energy and effort to allow, recognize, preserve, and enhance or highlight these lovely spontaneous sparks.

With virtual painting, the opportunities for happy accidents to occur are more frequent and unique because there are more variables to play with. Also, these happy accidents can be explored more freely and made much of, thanks to the liberating ability to save progressive stages of the virtual painting as you go along.


dog virtual oil portrait– see painting stages of this lhasa apso at Memories of Wiggy

Let’s just say that for me personally, having become very comfortable with computers over a career of using them for graphic art work and even before graphics could be done by computer, it felt natural to return to my fine art roots by creating portraits this way.

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