connie moses with Glendale, 2 1/2 mos. Arabian/percheron colt,
at his American Warmblood Society Inspection

I began creating portraits on the computer around 1995, using (then) Fractal Painter 4 on a PC, doing visual “interpretations” from my snapshots of family and pets. These early experiments were part photo, part painting, and part special effects.


Very early photoArt of daughter Em (about age 9) with Freckles, our first English setter.
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Since I have always loved painting animals especially horses, my explorations have evolved into the business and website Portraits With Pets (aka, orginally begun as


See this arabian mare and foal painting at In Harmony- 3 days old

Today I’m creating my paintings on a Mac using Corel Painter IX with a Wacom graphics tablet, and building the website using Adobe GoLive CS, with help from Photoshop CS. Giclee prints are output using a high-end Epson photo-quality inkjet printer.

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