Guest Writers- you can become a ghost rider!

YOU ARE INVITED TO BECOME A GHOST RIDER by sending your own horse and pet stories and pictures! All family-oriented topics are welcome, and will be published in petArtistWithPeaches blog under your initials, first name or Ghost Writer penname, as you prefer!

HorseGal Ghost Rider:
Horselover extraordinaire, HorseGal brings a youthful enthusiasm to her later-in-life pursuit of horse knowledge. As if making up for lost time, HorseGal takes every possible opportunity to learn more about and be around horses, any way she can.

HorseGal with her adopted Princess, Oct. 2006

A Massachusetts resident (Lakes Region N.H. wannabe), she counts Connie’s horses among her herd, and truly enjoys hearing horsey ramblings. HorseGal volunteers in a therapeutic riding center and as an eventing fence judge and scribe just to be around horses. She grooms and cleans stalls just to be around horses.

She even helped Connie (THREE TIMES!) scrub down and hose out a 20 foot gooseneck horse trailer, just to be around where horses had been! She collects Breyer horses and has childhood scrapbooks of horse pictures cut out of magazines. HorseGal began her first riding lessons in 2006 and now gets to be around and ride her friends’ horses too, including our family herd, demonstrating that older dawgs CAN INDEED learn newer tricks.

In her postings, HorseGal offers us her fresh first-timer’s perspective and her childlike fascination with everything equine!

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FjordNewbies Ghost Rider:
In September 2008, FjordNewbies and her hubby Marc went overnight from owning zero horses to owning three and one-half fjords, which they basically rescued from a prior owner who could no longer support them. FjordNewbies’ posts follow her exciting experiences as she learns to manage and train unbroke horses and anticipates an upcoming foaling!

FjordNewbies says:
As new horse owners, Mark and I are experiencing everything
for the first time. We are trying to filter all the wonderful
information out there regarding raising horses, and we hope our posts
on Connie’s blog can be a help for any other newbies out there. Hope
you enjoy our adventure as much as we do, and feel free to pass along
any suggestions to .

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Q L Caballo Ghost Rider:
Q stands for Quintin L. Caballo the horse, who, with the help of his owner Sophiea, contributes horse tales, pix, and videos from youTube about his life. See Q’s horsey tales

Kim Ghost Rider:
Horse Friend and former business associate of Hubby, Kim enjoys country farm living in southwest New Hampshire. On their huge acreage she, her hubby Jack and young daughter Morgan raise and manage 4 horses, sheep, llamas, hayfields, gardens and orchards while refurbisheing their old farmhouse. Kim now has Abby, formerly our horse, who drives for her and carries Morgan in horse shows. Kim and Jack have plans to get into competition driving and often meet us to watch ski-joring events.

C.T. Ghost Rider:
Horse Friend who used to live in New Hampshire, C.T. enjoys horsing around in California climes now. She is into fox hunting, trail riding in vast open spaces, and also carriage driving. Her Arab mare Gingee rides and drives.

C! Guest Writer:
Long-time friend of Connie’s (since college days!), C! is a computer programmer and cat-lover extraordinaire (she has 8-10 kitties at any given time). She loves all nature’s babies and offers unusual pictures to Peaches’ blog.

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