Webcams in New England- CATCH THE SUNSET

Follow the setting sun across New England…

Start out looking west towards Mt. Desert Island, Acadia National Park. These Acadia, Maine twin cams appear to be on Schoodic Peninsula, looking across Frenchman’s Bay…

Off the coast of Maine, UNH Observation stations, Appledore Island, Maine, West cam has a terrific view too–

Then jump to the Mt. Washington Summit Cam/ west-facing in the White Mountains, and hope the summit is clear…
MT. WASHINGTON SUMMIT CAM: Enjoy the view from an office window from the Observer Room. The webcam looks west towards Franconia, and on a clear day, you can see the Mount Washington Hotel in the valley. Keep in mind that the summit of Mount Washington is obscured by clouds more than 60% of the time!

Then view the EAST SLOPE of Mt. Washington, seen from Jackson: Sunset cam faces west.

And another Camnet weathercam of Mt. Washington.

SAMPLE VIEW OF Mt. Washington at sunset, May 13, 2009 from this webcam Mt. Washington (looking from the southeast, I think…)

Don’t miss Lake Wentworth (northwest shore) for sunset colors…

Ossipee Lake webcam… almost realtime, lovely view!

Next buzz around Lake Winnipesaukee:

Wolfeboro Corinthian Yacht Club cam
west-facing… This cam is practically REAL-TIME, as it refreshes every couple of seconds. Also, it pans back and forth every minute or two!

This Blackcat Island cam has a sunset view…

WeirsCam looking southwest across Lake Winnipesaukee

Rattlesnake Island Snake Eyes Cam often catches some color.

Paugus Bay Cam is west-facing…

Downing’s Landing Cam on Winnipesaukee, also almost real-time.

A quick flight south puts you in Boston Harbor, twin cams looking southwest.

Sadlly, the UNH Pack Monadnock webcam was decommissioned in Oct. 2010– too bad, it had four compass point cams including a nice sunset view.

Lastly take in the westerly view from Burlington, VT, via twin cams peering out at Lake Champlain.


Sunset from Mt. Washington Summit Cam May 13, 2009

Mt. Washington Summit cam sunset Jan. 28, 2007.

Mt. Washington Summit cam sunset Nov. 2, 2007. WOW!

Same day, Mt. Washington Summit cam, slightly later…

Pac Monadnock sunset May 13, 2009

Monadnock NH cam sunset 070203
Pac Monadnock webcam sunset Feb. 3, 2007


NEW! WEBCAM ON THE M/S MOUNT WASHINGTON– May-October daily cruises on the big lake; November through ice out (April), winter-docked in Center Harbor until cruises resume…

More Lakes Region Webcams

Winnipesaukee Cams

Smith Cove Cam Gilford looks slightly northwest.

Varney Point Cam Gilford looks onto Lockes Island’s west shore

Governor’s Island Cam

Meredith Neck Cam at Fairhaven

Rattlesnake Island, the Broads Wolfeboro

Weirs Beach Cam at Anchor Marine

Weirs Channel Cam in the Paugus Bay Channel

Thumbnails of Lakes Region Web Cams

weirs beach MH cam 070103
Weirs Beach NH webcam Jan. 3, 2007


VIEW OF Mt. Washington cam on Nov. 2, 2007

Mount Washington Observatory and other views of Mt. Washington…

See more spectacular sunset webcam pictures at Sunset webcams catch the colors.

AND FOR YOU EARLY BIRDS, this is a SUNRISE cam Bear Island Cam facing east!
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