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My career as an artist spans a major revolution in the graphic arts field, in which typeset galleys and photostat prints and manual pasteup to camera-ready print production was supplanted by personal desktop self-publishing technology. I have seen computers evolve from room-size monsters run by keypunch cards to the personal indispensable tools of today.

My B.F.A. in communications design included both fine art and commercial art training. I have worked in print design and production, newspaper, magazine, advertising, and manufacturing and mail-order marketing of decorative rubber stamps; I have worked free-lance and as an employee, on both PC’s and Macs. My painting was often done on the side back then. I founded and managed three graphics-related businesses prior to this portrait business Portraits With

Early photoArt of daughter Em on our first horse, Arabian mare Willow’s Bask

I was always comfortable with computers and often maintained my own, so I jumped right into the next mini-revolution when fine art techniques became possible through digital tools. Another digital revolution occurred in the field of photography of course, and I jumped into that area too, semi-professionally. And oh yes, web design. I waded into that.

Shown here are some early explorations using Corel Painter, my first paintings from photographs.

Early experiment with impressionist-type brushes in Corel Painter

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