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My horse experience spans 16 years of owning horses and a lifetime of loving and drawing/painting horses. Though I never owned one growing up, I cultivated friends with horses, took care of theirs, and taught myself to ride on borrowed steeds.

petartist Connie Moses riding Willow’s Bask. And yes, she does go through that covered bridge!

So I got my first horse later in life, when our daughter Emmie was 12 and she helped with the horsecare. I learned more proper riding skills from observing ALL her riding lessons (starting when she was 7) and, as she progressed, her schooling sessions, and from reading everything I could get hold of. We soon got a second horse, truck, horse trailer(s), third horse, then a boarded horse for a while making four; we have had seven different horses over the years- Arabian, quarter horse, thoroughbred and Morgan/Percheron by breed. We keep three horses currently, an Arabian mare and her two half-Percheron sons, Gilford born in 2003 and Glendale, 2005.


Glendale (bay like his mom) as a yearling picks on his big brother Gilford, who is black bay like their Percheron sire, Silent Commander.

The half-Arabian mare I ride, Willow’s Bask, was our very first horse in 1992. She is Polish Arabian out of the Bask line, a sturdy 15.1 hands with good bone and nice rounded butt with a low tailset compared to many shorter-crouped Arabs (a jumper’s butt from her Connemara grandmother.) With much help from that mare’s former trainer/owner, Joann Gelinas Snow of Gelinas Farm, I coached Emmie, who brought the mare along from western pleasure to hunt seat, and competed with her very successfully in 4-H, open shows (hunter pleasure), costume classes, the Arabian show circuit, and Pony Club/eventing.

From the start my main interest has been trail riding for pleasure. I squeezed in a few riding lessons of my own. Since 2000 Hubby and I have also enjoyed carriage driving; we bred our mare three times, with all the learning and complications that entailed; she gave us two foals; and we are raising and training those Arabian/Percheron geldings, riding and driving them since they were two, with help again from Joann Gelinas Snow.

Arab/Percheron Gilford, under saddle at 2 years old (me aboard,) at Gelinas Farm.

Gilford put to training cart as 2-year-old in July 05, hubby driving.

horse cart stand field
Gilford as 3-yr.old with dad and Joonatan, June 06.

What I know about horses comes from early studies inspired by my obsession with them, plus extensive experience in the many aspects of dealing with our own horses, and horse management a la 4-H, Pony Club, brain-picking and the school of hard knocks. I feel we have always taken a natural approach.

Hubby and petArtist with mom mare and Glendale at his AWS inspection, Sept. 05 (where Glen was awarded a Red Preferred rating!).

My specific horse involvement, either hands-on or thru intense observation, has included:
riding western, english, trail, dressage, jumping
showing hunter pleasure, hunter under saddle, huntseat equitation, arabian costume, dressage, jumping, eventing, trail classes, fit and show/fitting
training in hand, round pen, ground manners and basic handling, under saddle, longeing, harnessing, ground driving, long lining, trailering
breeding mare management, pre- and post-breeding treatments, artificial insemination, twinning, gestation care, foaling, post-partuition care, foal care
horse management health, hooves, barn management and design, fencing and pasture, tack, cart and trailer use and maintenance

There’s just so much in my horse past, I wish blogging had been around when we first got Willy!… so I’ll be happy to answer questions about ANY of the above, and to make new posts on your topic of interest!

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