This weblog is a personal journal– and journey– with lots of pictures about pets and art: paintings and portraits of horses and pets, some philosophy of art, virtual painting, photography, the art of creating a website.



Because I’m a lifelong horselover and keep horses too, you’ll find mostly horse stuff here– natural horse care and management, basic training for young horses, ongoing experiments and practices in barefoot hoofcare, horse health, riding and carriage driving.

Young Perch-Arab brothers playing, ages one and three.

Here also are some family things, bits about our young English setter Peaches, our cats, and living the good life in New Hampshire. Refer to our Topic Categories for art, horses, pets, and website building.

Extended family as of December 06.



Sunrise, sunset and moonrise over Lake Winnipesaukee.

You’ll find Guest Writers here (Ghost Writers) who contribute their own unique blogs. Whoever wants to tell their own stories can Email me with writings and photographs too, and I will share them with others here. Anyone can leave comments after any post. WE WELCOME QUESTIONS and we WILL answer them; we welcome all tips, advice, suggestions for improving this blog, links to other blogs and related sites, videos… anything at all!

Scooter, my precious… is it true all orange cats are affectionate?

IN MEMORIAM to Smoky, the matriarch, who came with frostbitten ears (we took her in as a stray.)

Vi Jay, actually our son’s cat, is in residence with us.

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This blog is named for our great English Setter, Peaches’N'Cream, who just loves to BE with us all the time!

Peaches the wonder dog!

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