Meet the Family Herd

petArtistWithPeaches shares with you a studied and informed approach to natural backyard horsekeeping and training. A wealth of hands-on knowledge acquired over a span of 16 years and a lifetime of loving horses is presented in this blog!

As each topic is covered, links are added onto the HORSE TOPICS INDEX for your reference. Plus I am very open to publishing YOUR horse and pet pictures and stories, so please do EMAIL me, maybe even become a Guest Writer- Ghost Rider!!

Our backyard Horse Herd (starting in 1992) has existed in various configurations of 8 horses total (so far!), up to 4 horses living together at any one time, beginning with our Arabian mare Willow’s Bask… (Use Search pAWP at top right to find all posts on any subject of your choice.)

MOSES BACKYARD HORSE HERD (in order of appearance):
Willy (Willow’s Bask), Odie, Beanie, Moose, Abby, Charlie Brown, Gilford, Glendale

MOSES FAMILY HUMAN HERD: Connie Moses, Hubby (Dad) Moses, Emmie Moses, Ezra Moses; extended family HorseGal (also Guest Writer). See HorseGal’s posts and horse fun here.


Henry, Princess, Buttercup, Passion, Q
(EMAIL me to add your horse here!)

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