Meet Willow’s Bask, Arabian mare

Bay mare, 3 white feet, white stripe, half-Arabian, 15.1H, foaled April 1986.

My people call me Willy, Willy-mom, sweet mare, and sweetie. MY official name is Willow’s Bask, I am registered as a Half-Arabian (though I am really 7/8 Arabian). They say my grandmare was a Connemara; my mom was named Willow’s Faeesha, and my sire was a 16 hand Arabian stud, A.R. Petit Bask.

My grandsire, Bask+++, was a pretty famous Arabian I’m told. He was of Polish origin (as opposed to Egyptian Arabian) which makes me mostly Polish. My color is bay (mahogany brown with black legs, black mane and tail) and I have 3 white feet and a white stripe down the center of my face.


I measure 15.1 hands and am very pretty, not dainty but quite solid and substantial for an Arabian. I have good feet and good horse sense and even though I like to look carefully at things, I rarely get really scared or bothered. I trust my humans because they have always treated me well and let me take a good look when I need to; they think I am a little silly when I have to sometimes look real hard at rocks on the side of a trail.

I was born in 1986. At age three I went to live with Joanne Gelinas, who taught me western pleasure the same as her quarterhorses. At Gelinas Farm they also taught me how to pull a cart.

My human Connie’s artwork of me and Em in Arabian native costume

When I was almost 6 I went to live with the Moses family and was well-loved by young Emmie (age 12), who took me to 4-H shows, Arabian horse shows, and Pony Club events. We must have done pretty well because Emmie kept putting all these blue ribbons and plaques and award stuff in the barn. I know I had a pretty good time and I loved Emmie… I liked running through woods going over jumps more than I liked practicing stuff in a ring (still do!) We also went on many trail rides for fun, those were my favorites!

Em shows off her pride in me and our times together

Starting around 1997 I didn’t see much of Emmie anymore, but Emmie’s mom Connie and her Hubby were still around. They must have wanted more horses like me, because in 2003 I had my first foal named Gilford, whose father was a Percheron. I thought Henry (Silent Commander) was quite dashing, a big black guy with long legs but not overly huge, and baby Gilford got his black bay coloring.

I’m watching baby Gilford sleep… I used to stand and not even graze while he was sleeping, I was too busy keeping watch. My humans called him pancake when he slept like this!

Gilford was light greyish-beige at birth, then turned black bay when he lost his foal coat.

I was a reluctant brand new mother, having no idea what I was supposed to do, but within a few hours I got the idea and turned into supermom! I wanted to protect tiny Gilford from my best friend Abby, and I would chase Abby away even though she was a big girl and had nearly 300 pounds on me!

In my Supermom phase, I kicked at Abby through the fence, then herded Gilford as far away from her as I could get him!

After a while I realized Abby was only curious and wouldn’t hurt my baby so Gilford grew up with two moms and uncle Charlie Brown. Even so, when Glendale was first born two years later (when I was 19), I felt I had to protect HIM too, so I chased both Abby AND Gilford away from him for a while.

Glendale kept right up with me at 4 days old.

Eventually I got over that, Abby went away to a new home, and now I share the Moses people with my two young sons who are both taller than me already. In recent times life has been easy, we have 24-hour turnout, we are all barefoot, we go on trail rides and horse camping trips overnight, travelling to places like Acadia National Park Maine in a horse trailer. Both my boys are carrying riders and pulling a cart too now, but they still mind me when I put my foot down, which is how I like it because I’m the boss mare, being the smartest one around!

Painting of me running with Gilford in 2003, done by Connie my human.
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