Meet Gilford, Older Brother

Black bay gelding, star, white hind socks, Arabian/percheron warmblood 15.3 hands, foaled June 2003.

Called Gilford after my home town, my official name is Bask’s Commandant for my Arabian mom Willow’s Bask and my percheron sire Silent Commander. My color is black bay, showing subtle dapples with a brown nose and lighter underparts. Until I was nearly 2 my tail was flaxen, and I was even more stunning then!

As a yearling I did a lot of galloping…

…and eating!

On June 3, 2003 I entered the Moses Family Herd at 3AM in the morning. The Moses people handled me all over and helped me first stand up (the stall mats were real slippery under the straw). I boogled and wobbled around and finally found my feet and a warm dark place to drink milk. My momma mare did not know how to stand still and wait for me to figure things out at first, but our people helped her learn.

Connie’s portrayal of me greeting my first day..

Here I am at 5 days old. My star was so big on my face then! I guess my head grew but the star didn’t!

They started leading me beside Momma Willy at 2 weeks old; at 2 1/2 months old I went in a parade in Gilford New Hampshire Old Home Day; at 3 1/2 months old I visited Acadia National Park Maine with mom and Abby where we explored the carriage roads and met people, bicycles and other horses and carriages.

Whether I have always been a laid back guy or whether I am laid back because of all these things I did as a baby, it is hard to say. I am not a nervous nor a high-energy horse, but I am very sweet and willing and I do try my best. I am a terrifically calm driving horse especially for first-time trainers Connie and her Hubby.

When I was 2, just starting to carry my people and pull a cart, my little brother Glendale was born and suddenly my mom didn’t want me around her any more. So I consoled myself with Abby (momma No. 2), but before long brother Glendale started playing with me. Then I discovered how much fun– and sometimes how pesky– a younger brother could be!

I get Glen back in our first winter together…

Here’s baby brother annoying me again!

My Herd life is good with our 24-hour turnout, and besides, I just LOVE to eat (too much so, I wear a grazing muzzle sometimes or else I’d have to be separated from my family and kept out of the grass to keep from getting overweight)! I am ridden on trails and streets and driven often pulling a Meadowbrook cart or an Eagle 4-wheel carriage. I enjoy taking my people around; I like to look at the scenery and I can trot for a very long time. It’s pretty easy for me because I am large (going on 16 hands) and I am strong and I’m always treated kindly.

Enjoying the view from my run-in stall
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