Meet Glendale, Younger Brother

Mahogany bay gelding, star, white hind socks, Arabian/percheron warmblood 15.3 hands, foaled 2005.

On the first day of my life, August 18, 2005, I practiced using my legs by running back and forth the length of my double-wide stall. My official name is WIllow’s Fleet Command after my Arabian mom WIllow’s Bask and my percheron sire Silent Commander, and I’m called Glendale by my human family the Moses’.

Me when I was ten minutes old, watercolor art print by my human Connie

I take after my momma mare more than my dad– I have her bay coloring (brown with black legs and tail) and I match older brother Gilford in having a large star and white hind socks. I am like my mom also in my good disposition and in my natural athletic ability.

Here I am practicing galloping at 4 days old

Like my brother, starting at 2 weeks old I was ponied (led) beside momma mare on trail rides. At 9 weeks old I went to an American Warmblood Society inspection and was awarded a Red Preferred scoring.



Growing up, I did a lot of sparring with big brother Gilford

When I was a colt I chased my big brother Gilford all around, rough-housing and play-fighting in our 24-hour turnout. Mom was not interested in playing with me but I could usually get a rise out of Gil. When I turned two I discovered I could back Gilford down, so I often do that now.

Sensibly walking across a tarp, which my humans laid out for me to discover…

At two I started learning to carry my people on my back. Like my big brother and my mother years before, I went to Gelinas Farm for the being ridden stuff. I was not so quick as Gilford to get saddle-trained, I seemed a tad bit more reactive to things, but once I learn something is OK I get confident and not bothered anymore (I am smart like my mom).

See how clever I am for only 2 years old!

I have started out real well in harness too, ground driving and pulling a training cart, with my Moses family teaching me. My human Herd thinks that someday me and my brother might both pull a carriage together– I will probably like that. Meanwhile, we enjoy 24-hour turnout in summers and winters and being barefoot, and my human family treats me well!

I do enjoy pleasing my human Dad…
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