Fighting ticks and black flies on horses? (and mosquitoes in the yard)

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I have pulled ticks off our horses at times, as well as off myself. It seems we can only keep our fingers crossed that no one (horse or person) contracts Lyme disease, as there are no vaccinations against it that I’ve heard of to date, except for in dogs.
It is a daunting challenge to protect [...]


Controlling Flies the “Green” Way

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With fly season about to kick into full force across the country, several effective “green” methods of fly control are available for any horse owner.
[Article taken from theHorse.com press release-- plus my own COMMENTS shown in CAPS.]
According to Laurie Cerny, editor of Green Horsekeeping & The Sustainable Stable magazine, using a combination of methods and eco-friendly products [...]


Big Stinky fly traps at work, plus Fly Parasites

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Less than two weeks before this picture was taken I started my fly traps near the horse barn (see previous entry Big Stinky fly trap extraordinaire).

Here’s what they look like now; what you see in this gallon jar are dead flies, with a few live ones buzzing around above. Initially baited with a chunk of [...]


Stable tips on horse barn design & horsekeeping

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Easy stable maintenance can be planned into the design of your barn. Tips shared here are based on two different horse barns we have built, plus other barns I have observed. Pictured are features in our barn which greatly increase convenience and ease of horse management.
CONSTRUCTION– Starting from the ground up in New England:
- Build [...]


Big Stinky, Fly trap extraordinaire

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When Peaches likes a product, she sticks with it and shares it here with readers.
We have for years used a fly trap called Big Stinky (aptly named). Big Stinky Fky Trap is baited with meat initially, starts catching flies, and then the collected dead flies become the attractor. You just keep the mess moist with [...]

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