Carriage horses summit Mount Washington!

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Our two locally-bred and raised horses, nicknamed Gilford and Glendale, on Sunday July 17 pulled us in our carriage to the top of Mt. Washington, 7.6 miles distance, from elev. 1527 ft. to 6288 ft. The Event was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Connie & Hubby prepare Gilford and Glendale to start up Mt. Washington Carriage/Auto Road
In [...]


Kindle book features Portraits With Horses artwork

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A Kindle Ebook entitled Khalifa, written by Rod Rogers, shows my daughter Emmie on our mare Willow’s Bask, in a painting I did of them in Arabian costume. The artwork is from a few years back, newly-revised by me to add the banner she holds now on the cover art.

Enjoy this story of a girl [...]


Tips for making a horse costume

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Blog reader Beth had this question on the post Fun in Arabian Costume horse show class–
I am planning on starting Native Dress with a local club and i am going to be making the costume for myself and my horse in 4-H can you give me any pointers on making something like this?? I am [...]


Horses in Grand Street Parade at Sandwich Fair

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Hubby and I had a pleasant time Sunday Oct. 10 at Sandwich Fair, mostly at the gymkhana, chumming with Katie and her mom and Willy, admiring her new show bridle and colorful new halter, monogrammed with “Katie’s Filly.” The Lakes Region Riding Academy was participating in a Gymkhana horse show that day (Julie Lawrence managing) [...]


Really funky dog grooming costume show

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Pet Expo, Creative Dog Grooming show, Oct 19, 2009
Gold Coast Queensland Australia Convention Centre
pix from The Pet Directory
Photos taken at the Pet Expo by The Pet Directory including some of the stands and beautifully groomed dogs in the ‘Creative’ grooming Class. Congratulations to the talented groomers who groomed, coloured and clipped their dogs into seahorses, [...]


Children from day camp visit horse Herd

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25 kids from a local summer camp stopped over to Connie’s barn in June and it was so much fun!! Connie spoke about horse basics and made it so interesting, not only for them, but for me too. I was Connie’s photographer and I had the best time taking pictures and videos for her!!! [...]


Arabian native costume created from scratch

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When daughter Emmie at age 12 started riding our new Arabian mare (Willow’s Bask) in 1992, it was MY first horse too and I got to enjoy her riding lessons and show experiences vicariously. Em was dying to show in Native Costume classes (because they got to hand-gallop entering the ring!) so I conceived the [...]


Fun in Arabian Costume horse show class

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Riding Willow’s Bask, daughter Emmie showed in native costume classes in 1992-94. They showed at Deerfield Fair Open Horse Shows and on the Arabian Circuit in the N.H. Arabian shows, also held on the Deerfield fairgrounds. (All the large area horse shows are held at Deerfield NH.)

Em showing Willow’s Bask in Arabian Native Costume Class, [...]


Meet Willow’s Bask, Arabian mare

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Bay mare, 3 white feet, white stripe, half-Arabian, 15.1H, foaled April 1986.
My people call me Willy, Willy-mom, sweet mare, and sweetie. MY official name is Willow’s Bask, I am registered as a Half-Arabian (though I am really 7/8 Arabian). They say my grandmare was a Connemara; my mom was named Willow’s Faeesha, and my sire [...]



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As each horse topic below is covered, links are added onto this page for your reference. I will also publish YOUR family-oriented horse and pet pictures and stories, so please do EMAIL me!
24 hour turnout in New Hampshire
alpha horse behavior, aggression
barn management
barefoot/bare hoof horse care
chewing, wood chewing: trees, fences, wood
fencing: electric, [...]

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