Fly-fishing in the shadow of eagles

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Only a fisherperson can appreciate the fishing part of this tale, but most anyone could love observing bald eagles.
I taught myself to fly-cast years ago, using my father’s (quite old) bamboo rod. I never could get very good at it or cast as far as I felt I should, but it was fun at [...]


Eaglets in aerie, Lake Winnipesaukee NH

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The eagles’ nest is in use again this year! This makes year 7 of this nesting pair raising baby eagles in this aerie! Chicks hatched in April and will likely fledge in late July or August.

Two eaglets and adult bald eagle (right) on the nest.
See Peaches’ other eagle babies from past years…
more posts about eagles [...]


Bald Eagles nesting on Winnipesaukee, again

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The mated pair of bald eagles has returned once again to their aerie on a nearby island in Lake Winnipesaukee. Late March/early April is egg-laying time for them, then sitting the eggs for 35 days to hatching, then feeding the chicks until sometime in July when they fledge. Once airworthy, the immature eagles hang around [...]


A Perfect Day for rowing and eagles

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For a rower on a BIG lake such as Lake Winnipesaukee, there are precious few perfect rowing days in the summer. Probably if one went out just at dawn (4:30 am), usually there is no breeze then and flat water could be found. However, I am not that ambitious in my old age, although I [...]


Bald eagle on Lake Winnipesaukee

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At least one adult eagle is still in residence on the lake in late October. Don’t know whether this is the male or female, and we haven’t seen their two immature eaglets for about a month. I have read that they usually migrate before the adults.

This eagle was not bothered by either me or Peaches [...]


Rowing shell on Lake Winnipesaukee

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Fall is coming. Today is one of those mornings when it hits home that summer is almost over and there is fog on the Lake and a nip in the air.
I just came back from 2 hours on the water; I did not see any eagles today, but did see a whole gaggle of cormorants. [...]


Communing with bald eagles on Lake Winnipesaukee

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The past two mornings I rowed my Alden shell to an island near ours to check the eagle’s nest, which I have looked at only once earlier in the summer. Yesterday there were two eagles on the nest, not sitting in it but moving around next to it. They were sort of far away to [...]


Eagle spotting on Lake Winnipesaukee

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For the second summer, a pair of bald eagles has nested on an island in the south end of Lake Winnipesaukee. Last summer we learned they were there, so this year I rowed by several times to observe them again. They were sitting a nest in June, but I don’t know whether they hatched any [...]


Autumn splendor in New England

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Sharing pix from our glorious fall, which peaked on Columbus Day at our house… these are around our area, Lake Winnipesaukee, and central New Hampshire.
On the “Great Waters”…

Looking across Lake Winnipesaukee at Mt. Washington (the very faint peak in left third of ridgeline)

On an island in Lake Winnipesaukee, looking towards shore

One of a nesting pair [...]


katrina dog rescue story

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I was sent the link to your blog, and I thought you would be interested in this…
They are very happy and make every day special.
[These pix and story are going around in emails but worth repeating... warms your heart!]

The story begins with the rescuers finding this poor [...]

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