Tips for Turning Your Horse Out for the Winter

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For more turnout tips see other posts on turnout 24/7…
Winter Horse Turnout New Hampshire Log
Horse turnout 24/7 in NE winter
Check your horse’s weight. If your horse is in good flesh, he’ll be more likely to do well foraging for food than if he’s underweight, or has been ill. If he’s underweight, [...]


How feeding affects horse behavior

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Q: Is it possible to feed a horse with the goal of improving his behavior?
A: The answer to this question obviously depends on the horse’s current diet and work, as well as what behavior you want to improve. But, for sure, the short and general answer is yes. Diet and feeding schedule, exercise, and style [...]


Colic in horses– emergency!

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Just hearing the word Colic can make a horse owner (or lover!) shudder! Here is a well-researched report on the subject from HorseGal.
What is Colic?
The definition of colic is abdominal pain, and although many people think colic is a single disease, it is more a clinical sign rather than a diagnosis. The [...]


Paddock paradise, peastone, barefoot updates

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This past summer we improved our perimeter track in one pasture area. We practiced limited-time strip grazing on the interior of the track fencing, and kept the horses ON the track most of the time. In another much larger pasture, we set up strip grazing only and cycled down the length of the field, making [...]


Pea gravel for natural horsekeeping, update

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I’ve seen a lot of interest in my blog posts about using pea stone gravel to help naturally condition barefoot horses’ feet. Furthering this discussion, here is how my pea stone, installed over a year ago, is faring so far in its second winter.
Under our 12×24 shed roof overhang, where I wanted our three horses [...]


On Track in Paddock Paradise

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A la Jaime Jackson’s natural horse care book Paddock Paradise, this spring I set up my own version of a track in a small pasture. This field is gently sloping and about 1 acre in size, planted in pasture grass with lots of clover. Before letting the horses into it, I installed temporary electric tape [...]


Winter Horse Turnout New Hampshire Log

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This is a daily log of the deep winter turnout of my
three horses in central New Hampshire. As mentioned in
previous posts, also see Horse Profile (under Looking
Closer at right), we have a 21 yr.old Arabian mare and
her two half percheron sons, ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2
years. They are offered run-in stalls 24/7, a shed
roof [...]


Pea stone gravel for barefoot horses

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While learning about barefoot horse keeping, I heard about pea stone gravel being used to improve hoof condition. My internet searches on pea stone didn’t turn up much info, but I found out that a nearby lameness rehab center uses pea stone.
FYI– Pea gravel by definition is rounded, smoothed stone of 3/8 - 1/2 inch [...]

Novice horse handler should put safety first

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Another safety-first true experience compliments of HorseGal…
EMAIL FROM HORSEGAL to petArtist [December 2006]:
Hi, Connie. I’m taking care of Princess for Margie while she’s at a UMASS basketball game, so have time to kill! I just put Princess out and she’s WILD. She’s definitely not a horse for a beginner [...]


Horse Paddock Paradise winter New Hampshire

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Hoping to improve our barefoot horses’ self-maintenance and self-conditioning, I recently read Jaime Jackson’s book Paddock Paradise and am adapting his theories to a New Hampshire winter. He advocates a paddock arrangement designed to encourage horses to move a great deal (healthier for the horses and for their hooves) and to restrict the amount of [...]

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